Our Equipment

List Of Our Available Gear

JBL JRX Series Speakers,
Subwoofers and monitors
Midas Venice 32x4 mixing console
QSC Amplifiers
Allen and Heath GL 2400 32
channel mixing console

Mackie 16X4 Mixing Console
Yamaha StagePas 300
Yamaha 4X2 Mixing Console
DBX equalizers and Dynamics
DBX crossovers
Lexicon Effects
Gemini CD Player
In-Focus 5330 DLP Projector
Sanyo PLC XP40 Projector
JVC HD-350 Projector

Shure, Audio Tecnica, AKG
Draper 14' diagonal front and rear projection screen with dress kit
Draper 10' diagonal front and rear projection screen
24' inflatable outdoor movie screen
16' inflatable outdoor movie screen
Roland vs2400cd 24 track>
multi-track recorder
Canon EOS 7D camera
LED and theatrical lighting
Truss and Crank trees
Curtains and blackout materials
ClearComm Headsets and Radiosr

Open Daily, Call 508-221-2221 for an appointment or Theater Demo